MOD Power Bank

MOD Power Bank

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The MOD Power Bank is an ass-kicking tool for using your MOD Duo, notebook, smartphone and many other devices on the road.


  • 9 hours battery for running the MOD Duo live
  • 12-24V charging voltage
  • Simultaneous charging and discharging possible (via USB input)
  • 3 simultaneous operable outputs (2x USB, 1x Hollow plug)
  • Charging time of 10 hours with via USB or 3 hours with 13-20V Hollow in
  • Dimensions / weight: 174 x 78 x 22mm / about 400g


  • MOD Power bank
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Automotive charger
  • 2.1mm DC Jack
  • 8 different DC jack adapters for notebooks
  • Power Bank manual