MOD Duo + MOD Footswitch + MOD Duo Transport Case Bundle

MOD Duo + MOD Footswitch + MOD Duo Transport Case Bundle

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Get your hands on the MOD Duo, the MOD Footswitch and the MOD Duo Transport Case at reduced price. 


The MOD Duo is the pedal that finally bridges the gap between the stompbox world and digital tools. Hundreds of virtual units, smart controls, multiple analog pre-amps, and the ultra-compact design make the MOD Duo the smartest digital pedalboard ever created.


  • Completely independent audio inputs and outputs

  • Configurable input and output gain: use it with any instrument

  • Outputs usable in balanced and unbalanced mode: connect to any device

  • Headphone out with dedicated volume control and direct monitoring option

  • High-fidelity audio path

  • Relay-based True-Bypass


  • Full MIDI support - both legacy DIN and USB MIDI

  • USB-host port for connecting peripherals (Bluetooth dongles, etc)

  • Expand connectivity with a USB hub

  • USB-device port for connecting to the computer

  • Control Chain port for connecting MOD peripherals


  • Compact footprint device: 180 x 74.7 x 160 (W x H x D, millimeters) / 1.2 kg

  • Power supply that works in every country (100V ~ 240V @ 50 ~ 60 Hz)

  • USB connection cable

  • Quick Start Guide

MOD Footswitch

The MOD Footswitch is the smart control extension tailor-made for all MOD products.


ARM Cortex-M0

2 Character LCDs 16x2
4 footswitches with LEDs

USB - Mini B entry
Used to upgrade the firmware
Control Chain
RS-485 (TIA/EIA-485) Standard - Full duplex
2 RJ45 connectors
Power over Ethernet cable

Aluminum enclosure
Low profile design
Dimensions and weight:
Width: 280mm
Length: 87mm
Height: 46mm
Weight: 0.5kg

MOD Duo Transport Case

Semi hard EVA transport case suitable for MOD Duo & Duo X (also fits power supply and USB cables).

20mm foam padding at bottom + 20mm foam padding at top to protect knobs

External Dimensions (W x H x D): 270 x 210 x 100 mm

Internal Dimensions (W x H x D): 250 x 190 x 60 mm

Weight: 275g


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