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To celebrate the release of the Max/MSP integration package the MOD Duo is being sold at a discount price and
we're offering a FREE Max/MSP 270-day subscription with all
MOD Duo purchases until September 30th, 2017

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FREE 270-day Max/MSP Subscription

Dive into the MaxMSP graphical programming environment to easily create amazing new sounds.
Use the official Max Package to deploy your projects into the MOD Duo.

*this offer is not valid for purchases with discount codes.


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DHL Express included for shipments anywhere in the world, tracked and insured.

Items ship from Berlin, Germany. 


30-day money back guarantee

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The refund will not be possible if:

- the MOD Duo is not returned with the original packaging and all its contents;

- the MAX subscription has been activated.

What people who bought the MOD Duo are saying about it

"I spend a lot of my time recording with, trying out and writing about pedals and processors - my music career depends on them, and as such, I'm very demanding of them. The MOD Duo is at the heart of my live and studio set-up, and has helped simplify my set-up while simultaneously increasing the options available to me at any one time.  I love it "

Steve Lawson - Solo artist, Bass Guitar Magazine columnist, music lecturer - Birmingham, UK

"It seemed too good to be true at first: the tone customization and being able to save presets for fluidity during shows, the wide variety of pedals, lack of bugs and glitches and user-friendly UI. But now I call it the pedal from heaven. It's perfect for college students wanting a pedalboard with little money. It's a big step but it's the only pedal you really have to own. Amazing! "

Richard Jacob McCauley Wenzel - Electric guitar player - Huntersville, USA

"The more I play with it, the more I like it. It’s fantastic, truly fantastic. Sounds great, very easy to understand and program. I am spending my whole days playing with it and I often tell myself « this pedal is brilliant », as soon as I discover something new. Without a doubt, the best piece of gear I’ve bought this last 10 years. And believe me, I’m NOT exaggerating, and I’ve bought a lot of stuff."

Pierre-Emile Bertona - Bass and Chapman Stick player, photographer - Sierre, Switzerland